What is an EdCamp?

An ‘unconference’ conference – PD for teachers by teachers.

An authentic Edcamp has the following features:

  • free: Edcamps should be free to all attendees. This allows any teachers, support staff, or anyone interested with a common interest in edtech to participate.
  • audience: a smaller group ( a few hundred) people who come together to share and learn based on common interests.
  • content: made up of sessions that are determined on the day of the event; Edcamps do not have scheduled presentations. During the morning of the event, the schedule is created in discussion with everyone there. Sessions end up being spontaneous, interactive, and responsive to participants’ needs. Sessions are limited to 20 minutes which allows time for conversation and discussion.
  • anyone who attends can be a presenter: Anyone who attends an Edcamp is able to be a presenter. We ask that you come with something to share. Anyone involved can present or lead a session.
  • reliant on the law of two feet : As anyone can host a session, it is critical that participants can actively select the best content and sessions. Edcampers are encouraged to leave sessions that do not meet their needs. This provides a uniquely effective way of reducing sessions that are not delivered in an engaging format.

How is EdCamp any different than traditional PD?

“EdCamp is organized by groups of educators, specifically designed to create a participant driven, fun-filled day of professional development. Educators can connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate ideas, brainstorm solutions to common education problems, have group discussions, and receive information that can immediately be applied in the classroom.” Source: The SimpleK12 EdCamp Guide


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