Session presentations

Below are some links to some of the session presentations from past Regina Edcamps.

February 28th, 2015 –

Go HERE to access the #EdCamp collaborative document Where the wonders of learning never cease

Kahoot: Game based blending learning

Power of ten math resources

Minecraft math: Paper resources, Dafont (minecraft fonts)

Genius Hour: Teach with technology


Pearltrees (curating resources) (curating resources)

Seesaw for digital portfolios – article, app 

Google classroom – Google for education

Evernote – digital portfolios

Sesame HQ: digital portfolios & assessment

Thinglink: creating interactive images

August 28th, 2014 – Updated links / sites for #EdCamp

*  Please forward additional resources and we will add them in!

Blog Post – 21st century learning / Genius Hour

Genius Hour LIVEBINDER @JoyKirr

Unit & Rubric Planner / Backwards Design – Digital Learner Solutions

Blog: EdCamp: A Teacher Pawn Shop (Danielle Maley)

Explore +4 Planning Template

Planboard – Lesson planning made easy for teachers

Three Ring – Online Portfolios

Google Classroom

Article @MrEhRon – Educational Technology & Mobile Learning: 12 Ways to Leverage The Power of Google Drive in Your Classroom Instruction

Article @MrEhRon – Educational Technology & Mobile Learning – Twitter Aligned With Blooms Taxonomy: A Must Have Poster For Your Classroom

Partners for Physical Literacy: Growing Young Learners

Suggested apps / sites from “Tech to support literacy”

App – Icard sort, Book Creator, Skitch, Captions

Website –

August 2013

Backwards Design Software – Video

Thom Technology Catalyst Team – Cool Tools for School

Inquiry & 101st Grey Cup – Website Presentation

Alternate Reality Games  – BlogSpot, YouTube

Technology in Middle Years – Blogspot

Digital Storytelling Tools (Aaron Moore)

iStopMotion for iPad $9.99 I’ve used this to demonstrate persistence of  vision in a grade one class. My teaching partner in that class also used it with me for an intro on using geometric blocks in that same grade one class, we animated the blocks into different patterns. Another use is for students to tell stories using paper puppets or plasticine or Legos, perhaps showing plot points in a store read as a class. There is also the main purpose of making animated creations, great for writing a story in ELA then animating it as a Visual Art lesson; there are some good Canadian animation artists out there to tie in that to a lesson. I’m sure there are even more possibilities to use this app, like assessing science literacy by having students create an animation of the solar system rather then just completing a multiple choice test.
I also had that grade one class make thermatropes and they loved them. I think all ages would find them fun to make, older students wouldn’t even need the bird template but I’ll attach it here.
One idea I haven’t used yet is having students create radio plays, like the old time radio shows people loved before there were televisions. There’s a great Radiolab podcast episode about War of the Worlds that would be great to share with students, presuming their age level is appropriate.
Pinnacle: I’ve used iMovie and Pinnacle to film grade 4-6 students performing a story they wrote using cut out puppets and a shadow screen. Then we used Garage Band to add dialogue, narration and sound effects. All of this was put together on the iPads, you can bring audio into iMovie that you made with Garage Band.  One issue is that the iPad 2 I have records a bit more than it shows you on the screen as you record, which meant seeing some arms and shoulders that I’d thought weren’t in the frame. The Pinicle app had a bit more professional tools than iMovie, like letting you crop part of the video you didn’t mean to record.

Known for his picture book, The Dot, Peter H. Reynolds’ has promoted animation software called Animation-ish that I haven’t used but looks promising.


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