Possible sessions

What might you find at an EdCamp session?  Anything and everything!

Backwards Design Software
Google Classroom
Using tech in the middle years / primary classroom: Q& A / What do you need to know?
Tech tools to support differentiation
iGo and its uses for classroom teachers
How to tackle Digital Citizenship 
Kurzweil in the classroom – Q & A session
Technology Catalyst Teams / Using tools such as Facebook, Glogster, Pinterest, Twitter, Skype to enhance student engagement, Support with Digital Citizenship
Ipads: More than just about apps – Tips for taking a single iPad and turning into a valuable teaching and learning tool.
The Flipped Classroom
The Power of PLNs
Apps for Life
Just one ipad?  What to do?

Although no official schedule is created until the day of the unconference, here are some possible topics that could be discussed / shared depending on participant interest.  Many of these come out of proposals from the survey.

Technology based sessions:
– Using Kurzweil in the classroom / with iPads
– Text to speech, speech to text apps
– Backchannelling in the classroom
– Technology and creativity
– “Sketch Up” and “Trimble 3D Warehouse:
– Twitter as a new digital literacy
– Use of social media to improve student engagement and literacy skills- BYOD and Mobile Learning
– Collaborating with iGo and Google Docs
– Saving to the Cloud – for improved parent comunication and collaboration between students
– Sharing data and communicating effectively
– Smart Boards for the primary / high school classroom
– iPads for early literacy
– Web 2.0 for primary, elementary and high school
– the Skype classroom
– Technology for differentiation
– Blogging in the primary / elementary / high school classroom
– Exploring the flipped classroom model in high school or elementary
– Tips and tools for the SMART board classroom
– QR codes and their use in their classroom
– Creating iBooks as a student assessment tool
– BYOD in early years? Yes you can!
– The digital learner – lessons around digital citizenship for the classroom
– Creating a PLN – virtually
– Apps for digital storytelling
– Using Remind 101 with students
– Backchannel conversations for the classroom – Poll everywhere, Today’s Meet
– Using Twiducate for student collaboration

Classroom learning, instruction and assessment sessions:
– New approaches to classroom management (focus on Youth at Risk – or children with chronic behavioural issues)
– Open Concept Teaching
– The Flexible Grouping / Pod approach
– The impact of innovative teaching on the classroom environment
– GradeBook scares me. Help!
– Cut assessment time in half and make it twice as relevant: Outcomes-based grading.
– Group specific networking
– Planning for inquiry-based learning eats up too much time. Tips to make it easier?
– Daily five / CAFÉ/ Explore + 4 and other math and literacy structures for the classroom
– Formative assessment


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