#EdCampYQR – Counting down


The big day is only a few days away and your “unplanning” committee is so excited to learn alongside you!

Just a reminder that the big event occurs on Thursday, August 28th starting at 8:30 AM @ Campus Regina Public (formerly Cochrane High School).

If you are an educator in any capacity you are welcome to join us – all sessions are offered for you, by you.  Come with an idea, with something you are curious to learn about, and of course, a device of some sort.  As always, we want this event to be as paperless as possible and hopefully you will be able to leave with digital resources and ideas that will work for you.

Are you a new teacher?  A newish teacher?  As educators, we learn best when we learn together.  Edutopia regularly highlights the edcamp model as an ideal way to guide one’s own professional development.  EdCamp allows for:

* informal conversations based around areas of interest

* professional learning that is self chosen

* the ability for all of us to share and be “experts” in something we are passionate about

* conversations that continue on long after #EdCamp is done via chat, twitter, connections made the day of

Those of you who collaborate regularly with colleagues understand and value the importance of creating a professional learning community (PLC) for yourself.  Educators no longer exist in isolation; it is the relationships and the team approach that helps us move forward and helps to support our students.  One of the most important things you can do as a NEW teacher is to create a PLC for yourself – interest based, grade group alike, etc.  Having people to co-plan, problem solve, brainstorm, even vent is invaluable.

Thanks for joining us at EdCamp and hopefully, becoming a part of our learning community.  We look forward to learning with you.

A few reminders:

**We are located at Campus Regina Public (Cochrane High School) at 1069 14th Avenue.

** Bring your own technology (BYOT) (phone, tablet, laptop) to take full advantage of the resources available,

** If you have a dongle for your device – please bring it for easy sharing!

** No need to be an expert – anyone can share.  When you get to EdCamp, scope out the room and the sessions.  Be sure to check about “What I Want to Learn About” to see if you have something to share – maybe YOU have the answers someone is searching for.

** The law of two feet applies.  This is PD geared to your needs.  If the session isn’t what you were looking for, move to one that works for you.

** Follow online – joining us in person or virtually?   Follow the #hashtag #edcampyqr to participate in the conversation on twitter or instagram.

Enjoy!  If you haven’t yet registered via eventbrite, please do so HERE.

See you soon!




Image source:  edutopia.org


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EdCampYQR – Getting ready for a new school year

EdCampYQR - Getting ready for a new school year

Join us on the morning of Thursday, August 28th as we offer another #EdCampYQR learning and professional development opportunity for all educators, administrators and support staff.

Catch up with us on the blog and register now FOR FREE! All are welcome. This amazing opportunity is designed by teachers, for teachers and is driven by participant need and interest. Participants from all skill sets and backgrounds are very welcome to join us; no need to be an expert as the sessions are small, informal, and relaxed. Anyone can lead a session on any topic related to teaching and all are encouraged to add their ideas.

Join us… and bring your colleagues!
You may also follow us on facebook (EdCampYQR) or via twitter @EdCampYQR

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#EdCamp YQR – Success!

Back in August, Regina Public Schools saw the first ever EdCamp professional development opportunity.

It was a new option for teachers in Regina Public at that time; the concept of professional development where the schedule was set the day of the event was disconcerting to many.  The event drew a lot of educators, however, and set the stage for another EdCamp, this time on a Saturday morning. 

This past weekend’s event drew teachers and educators from all over.  Representatives from Regina Public, Regina Catholic, Prairie Valley, Horizon and Saskatoon School Divisions came and joined together to share their professional learning.

Participants signed up for sessions by placing their name around a subject of interest.  Additionally, there were spaces for new learning (what I want to learn about).  If someone wants to lead a session but is unsure, there are many jumping off points from which to start.  This was new to this year’s EdCamp and it was a great option!

Once the sign up was completed, the break out sessions began.  From interschool novel studies, to working with Google Docs, Gr 9 math planning, Digital Citizenship sessions, Backchanneling and Assessment conversations, learning about using Social Media to engage and improve student achivement, using Inform to guide instruction, Appy Hour and Apps for primary, E-portfolio tools and much, much more, there was something for everyone.  Some of the presentations followed a presentation style format, while others were conversation and discussion based.

It was amazing to watch how everyone participated and shared.  There were no “experts” in the audience; everyone was there to learn and discuss.  

The format of this year’s EdCamp varied slightly as well given that the event was held on a Saturday.  The hope was that the learning and collaboration that came out of the event would be worth educators giving up some time out of their weekend.  The Saturday option allowed us to connect with other school divisions as well.  It was great to be able to meet our “tweeps” in real life, much like the Tweet-Up organized earlier this year.

Much of the work that we do as teachers goes beyond the walls of the schools.  Professional development needs to suit the needs of the individual; for some, that may be during the school day, for others, a weekend may be a better option.  Varied sorts of professional development are needed to help support busy educators in their day to day work.

With over 100 participants attending and approximately 30 – 35 sessions offered, we know that this model of professional development is an appealing alternative to those who desire self directed professional development.  All in all, the event allowed teachers to focus on the important conversations around improving practice and learning and growing as professionals.  We learn best when we learn from each other.  Thank you to all who came, participated, shared, discussed.  Your presence helped this be a hugely succesful event!

Listen live to CTV who filmed a brief segment for the evening news (at 8:20 mark).  For more information, follow the group on facebook (EdCampYQR),  or follow on twitter @EdCampYQR. All links and presentations shared will be posted on the blog (CHECK BACK FOR MORE INFORMATION).


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The countdown is on…

Just a few more days until the big day!

We have close to 100 people registered and a number of different school divisions participating in this event.  It is exciting that we will have the opportunity to collaborate with other educators who will share and learn alongside us.

Here are some additional details about the event.  We are hoping to go paperless (as much as possible) so please bring a device of some sort (phone, tablet, laptop) to use during the event.  Regina Public Schools will have passwords for wifi access.  Bring a coffee mug to refill as there will be coffee and snacks available. Parking is located on the west side of the building.

During the event we encourage you to share using #edcampyqr on twitter, instagram and facebook.  If you are considering sharing an idea, or would like to post something to the blog, please do submit it as we will post all links, documents, apps to the blog for you to peruse at your leisure.

A reminder that an edcamp is driven by participant need and knowledge.  Please come with something in mind that you would like to learn about, something that you might be able to talk about or would consider sharing.  There will be no formal schedule set until the morning of, based on participant interest and need.


Here is the schedule of events:

9:00-9:30 – Intro / explanation (During this time you will mingle, propose ideas, chat, suggest topics, perhaps offer to facilitate a session.  There will be a general introduction to the concept of an EdCamp but no formal keynote speaker).

9:30 Session 1 (The sessions may appear to look more formal, or may just be a conversation.  If you get caught up with a topic, feel free to stay and explore.  If the session does not meet your needs, find one that does!  Everyone has a voice.)

10:00 – 10:10  break (We have built in short breaks to allow for discussions to continue and of course, for snacks!).

10:10-10:40 Session 2 (Some sessions will run more than once based on participant interest.  That may not be the case with all sessions).

10:40 – 10:50 break

10:50 – 11:20 Session 3

11:20 – 11:30 break

11:30 – 12:00 Session 4

12:00 wrap up  

Please continue to follow along on the blog and through the twitter hashtag to keep updated on the events!  We look forward to learning alongside you at #EdCampYQR.  Thank you for joining us!

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Coming soon – Regina & area educators – #EdCampYQR

EdcampYQRWebSave the date – Regina Public Schools is pleased to host another #EdCamp experience for Regina & area educators (teachers, administrators, teacher librarians, educational assistants, teaching assistants, all are welcome)!  The event will be held on Saturday, April 5th from 9-12 at Campus Regina Public (formerly Cochrane High School).  More info to come.  Stay tuned via the blog (subscribe to receive updates) or via twitter @EdCampYQR.

We will be including an Eventbrite registration form (to come on the blog) – once available, please do register to help us plan for numbers.

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EdCampYQR #FR – Notez la date

Veuillez prendre note de la date prévue pour la journée pédagogique pour les programmes de français aux Écoles Publiques de Régina.

le 31 janvier 2014 à l’École Massey – 131 Massey Road

Horaire prévu:

Sessions de style edcamp le matin 9h00 – 11h45

Sessions de collaboration professionelle  13h00 – 15h30

(à Massey ou dans vos écoles)

Sondage à compléter – pour nous aider dans la planification de la journée

Bien que les sessions seront décidées le jour même, on prévoit offrir des sessions telles que:

  •  La citoyenneté digitale (site media smarts)
  •  Evernote 
  •  Twiducate (twitter pour la salle de classe)
  •  Utiliser un wiki pour la collaboration 
  •  Kurzweil / iWordQ CF
  •  l’enseignement de la langue par le biais de la technologie 
  •  BYOD/AVAP (Apportez vos appareils personnels)
  •  MIMI (PWIM)
  •  Explorer Littératie en Action
  •  Étude des romans inter-écoles
  •  Enseigner le français par le biais des sciences sociales
  •  Programme interdisciplinaire (M-2e)
  •  Conscience phonologique
  •  L’immersion moyenne / tardive
  •  Aider les élèves en difficulté en salle de classe
  •  Explore +4
  •  Mathématiques en classe jumelée
  •  L’évaluation des maths à partir des RAs
  •  Les traités – ressources en français
  •  Core French – Games for the classroom
  •  Using technology in the Core French classroom

Selon la tradition des edcamp, il y aura aussi des sessions planifiées le matin du 31 janvier pour répondre aux besoins de tous et chacun.

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Attention all French teachers (Core French & French Immersion)


#EdCampYQR (version française) s’en vient le 31 janvier pour la journée de développement professionel.

Veuillez prendre quelques minutes pour remplir le sondage suivant:

SONDAGE – Pour les profs de français en immersion et français de base

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