Frequently asked questions

Photo Credit: Dan Callahan via Compfight cc

Q: Is there a cost to attend?  No, the EdCamp is a free event.

Q: What is my responsibility as an EdCamp participant?  We would  encourage to help spread the word and publicize the event.  You are asked to attend with an idea in mind of what you would like to learn about (see possible sessions for ideas) and if possible, an idea to share.

Q: Do I have to share or lead a session?  No, you do not.  We are hoping that if you have a great idea, a tool, a project, something that you tried that you would like to share, you will do so.  Remember that the sessions are only 20 minutes long and are based on participant interest.  You are not required to share however do remember that connecting and conversations are a big part of the event.

Q: What’s the conference about? We don’t know yet. Edcamp isn’t a traditional conference. Our sessions for the half day are not known ahead of time. The day is 100% driven by you, the attendees. That is where the session (conversation) ideas come from.  You have the opportunity to get what you need, help others meet their needs, and make some great contacts in the process.

Q:  Why is this event only a half day?  This is the first attempt at organizing an edcamp event – we hope to ensure a vast and varied number of participants while being conscious of the other demands placed on your time.

Q: I’m probably going to be late, is that a problem? We invite you to attend and join in with the great conversations already occuring.

Q:   How is the agenda set? A: Participants make invitations along these lines:

  • Would someone teach me about…
  • I’d like to teach others about…
  • I’d like to have a conversation with others about…
  • Let’s get together and…

Q: What resources are available if I want to present something? A: There will be a projector in each room for anyone to use if needed to show supplemental material. Remember that the sessions are short (20 minutes) with plenty of opportunity for networking.

Q: There’s something I want to know but I don’t want to lead a session. What should I do?  Just because you added the session/topic to the session board doesn’t mean you have to be the only voice during that entire time slot. In fact, we don’t want you to be. Sessions are meant to be learning conversation around the topic. Just facilitate and give focus; let everyone in on the conversation.

Q: What if I start in one session and after a few minutes discover it’s not for me?  Vote with your feet. If you’re not getting out of it what you need, go to another session; if you’re facilitating a session and someone leaves, don’t be offended. That’s OK to do during an Edcamp! We want you to get the most out of your day of learning. It’s your day. If you need to, go revisit the session chart and head somewhere else

Q: What should I bring to EdCamp? Here are some things you might want to bring with you:

  • A laptop, tablet, smart phone, or other preferred device. We encourage you to email, tweet, blog, collaborate on GoogleDocs, etc. during a session.
  • Charger for your device – we’ll have lots of places to plug in but maybe not your particular cable
  • An open mind
  • Your passion for education and desire to make it better for kids.
  • A plan for sharing what you learned.
  • An interested friend or colleague to join you!

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