#EdCampYQR – Counting down


The big day is only a few days away and your “unplanning” committee is so excited to learn alongside you!

Just a reminder that the big event occurs on Thursday, August 28th starting at 8:30 AM @ Campus Regina Public (formerly Cochrane High School).

If you are an educator in any capacity you are welcome to join us – all sessions are offered for you, by you.  Come with an idea, with something you are curious to learn about, and of course, a device of some sort.  As always, we want this event to be as paperless as possible and hopefully you will be able to leave with digital resources and ideas that will work for you.

Are you a new teacher?  A newish teacher?  As educators, we learn best when we learn together.  Edutopia regularly highlights the edcamp model as an ideal way to guide one’s own professional development.  EdCamp allows for:

* informal conversations based around areas of interest

* professional learning that is self chosen

* the ability for all of us to share and be “experts” in something we are passionate about

* conversations that continue on long after #EdCamp is done via chat, twitter, connections made the day of

Those of you who collaborate regularly with colleagues understand and value the importance of creating a professional learning community (PLC) for yourself.  Educators no longer exist in isolation; it is the relationships and the team approach that helps us move forward and helps to support our students.  One of the most important things you can do as a NEW teacher is to create a PLC for yourself – interest based, grade group alike, etc.  Having people to co-plan, problem solve, brainstorm, even vent is invaluable.

Thanks for joining us at EdCamp and hopefully, becoming a part of our learning community.  We look forward to learning with you.

A few reminders:

**We are located at Campus Regina Public (Cochrane High School) at 1069 14th Avenue.

** Bring your own technology (BYOT) (phone, tablet, laptop) to take full advantage of the resources available,

** If you have a dongle for your device – please bring it for easy sharing!

** No need to be an expert – anyone can share.  When you get to EdCamp, scope out the room and the sessions.  Be sure to check about “What I Want to Learn About” to see if you have something to share – maybe YOU have the answers someone is searching for.

** The law of two feet applies.  This is PD geared to your needs.  If the session isn’t what you were looking for, move to one that works for you.

** Follow online – joining us in person or virtually?   Follow the #hashtag #edcampyqr to participate in the conversation on twitter or instagram.

Enjoy!  If you haven’t yet registered via eventbrite, please do so HERE.

See you soon!




Image source:  edutopia.org



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Instructional Consultant for Student Achievement with Regina Public Schools
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