Final details- #EdCampYQR is tomorrow morning!

The team involved with the planning of the #edcamp event is so very excited.  We completed the set up of the event tonight.

Here are a few final details to remember for the event:

We will be using instagram and twitter to document the event – please share as much as possible and use the hashtag #edcampyqr.

Please think about whether or not you might share – you are in no way obligated but we want everybody to feel comfortable to share.

You will register for the event and begin to pick sessions as you arrive.  Facilitators will be present to assist and clarify.

Tech services will be available to support us and you during the event.  They can be located in room 106 (6 on your map).

Small group breakout sessions simply for discussion are encouraged.

The law of two feet applies – Find a room or session that is meaningful for you.  If it is not, you can move. The presenters know and expect this.

The event is paperless (as much as possible) so BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE – we have additional bandwidth installed to support large numbers of participants.

Bring a water bottle – fill up.  Snacks and drinks will also be provided.

Arrive early – we plan to start as close to 8:30 as possible and intend to stick to the schedule.  There is a fair bit of construction around the site (Winnipeg, Broadway, Ring Road exits off of Arcola and Vic – but coming from the North you are ok).  Parking is plentiful.

Check out our promo video via the lovely Danielle Maley HERE.

Enjoy and have fun!  Welcome to EdCampYQR everyone!!!


About MBowes

Instructional Consultant for Student Achievement with Regina Public Schools
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